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Title Social Economy in Greece, in the framework of the Community Initiative EQUAL
Client Management Committee Community Initiative EQUAL
Duration 04/2005 - 03/2008
Place Greece
Partners SocialEco Consortium

The project's wider objective is to reinforce the practice of Social Economy in Greece, overwhelming the identified weakness in the revised Programme of EQUAL Initiative, as it is stated in the phrasing "the activities of the social economy are least related to the entrepreneurial and private initiative".

The project activities include:

Preparation of proposals for legal interventions - development of the adequate legal framework for social economy in Greece (especially in local government policies)

Studying the international best practices and analysis of the way the social economy companies are accessed and their interaction with the already existing infrastructures of employment support (observatories, incubators, etc) and with the existing or under development financing tools.

Development and dissemination of methods that enhance development of social economy structures that are operating under the framework of Regional Operational Programmes in social companies, which will assure their economic independence and self-existence

Development and utilisation of the relevant financial tools

Development of educational tools and training processes with three beneficiaries: the employees of the Active Observatory, the project's pilot companies, authorities of the broader public sector, the local self governments and people, who will express their interest in developing activities of social economy.

Networking with other efforts of social economy in national and European level.

Design and operation of a social economy active support structure in the country (Observatory) that will record the activities, as well as, will take specific support measures.

Operation of an active observatory for social economy and entrepreneurship in Greece


Services Provided

Policy advice on employment and HRD issues

Methodological studies (financing, start-up business, evaluation) for social economy structures

Capacity building at national / local level to enhance Public Administration Managerial Capacity

Studies & Business Plans for Social Economy Infrastructures

Developing project/programme ideas

Networking activities

Title Development of a Methodological Framework for Professional Profiles
Client Hellenic Ministry of Employment & Social Protection
Duration 01/2004 - 05/2004
Place Greece
Partners LOGOTECH (Gr - Leader)

The project's objective was to develop a methodological framework for the development and accreditation of professional profiles.

The work involved:

The development of processes for the creation, monitoring and evaluation (initial and periodic based on sampling), as well as, the final approval of the professional profiles.

The information flow within each process.

The provision of TA to relevant authorities (current and new) involved in each process regarding their responsibilities and task.

The responsibilities and the fields of intervention of the various stakeholders.

The demand prototypes that should be used for applications by the accreditation organisations.

The main result was the development of an integrated system for the methodological development of professional profiles, defining the relevant requirements for the development of a new accreditation framework.

An action plan has also been developed for the implementation of the new system, taking into account current practices and relevant content systems. The action plan, also, included accompanying measures in the framework of change management and associated detailed time plans.


Services Provided

Development of a system for professional profiles development and accreditation

Processes for the creation, monitoring and evaluation (initial and periodic based on sampling), as well as, the final approval of the professional profiles

Major stakeholders' involvement, responsibilities and tasks

Detailed implementation plans, including accompanying measures for efficient change management

Title Business Incubator Management Training Institute - SUMMIT Project (Leonardo Da Vinci Initiative)
Client National Agency for the Leonardo Da Vinci Initiative in Cyprus
Duration 11/2003 - 04/2006
Place EU 25
Partners First Elements Ltd (Cy - Leader), LOGOTECH (Gr), Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services (UK), IASP (Es), Info Project SA (Gr), Zernike Group (NL), Athena High Technology Incubator Ltd. (Gr)

The project objective was to develop and implement a Capacity Building Programme for Incubator managers and key staff. The Programme was designed to provide the incubator sector with the academic training but especially the practical, everyday management tools needed to successfully design and operate business incubators.

The training programme, which was delivered as part of the project, was attended by an audience of 47 participants, comprising Incubation Centre Directors and staff, as well as representatives from University Liaison Offices, Business Innovation Centres and Venture Capital companies.

The project developed printed and electronic educational material, for in-class and distance-learning training, which are now offered as a commercial service by each member of the Consortium.


Services Provided

Development and Implementation of a Capacity Building Programme for Incubator managers and key staff

Practical training programmes on practices and management tools, necessary for the successful planning and functioning of an Incubator

Specific modules addressing Incubator Managers on organisational, daily management and incubatee support issues

Development of commercially available educational material for in-class and distance learning training

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