Eco - innovation
Eco-innovation is the creation of novel and competitively priced goods, processes, systems, services, and procedures designed to satisfy human needs and provide a better quality of life for everyone, ensuring the minimal use of natural resources (materials including energy, and surface area) per unit output, and a minimal release of toxic substances.

Eco-innovation becomes a key parameter in developing national and regional innovation policies and it is in the core of European policy thinking.

LOGOTECH is involved in Eco-innovation issues since 1993, by carrying out projects like the Coordinated Steel Environment Programme, the promotion of energy saving initiatives like the "Energy Bus" and the promotion of environmental friendly standards.

LOGOTECH today is organizing through Europe Innova the Eco-innovation panel that aims at identifying barriers and drivers for the support of Eco-innovation and the identification of key challenges, strategies and lead markets in the area. In addition, the company supports the design of relevant initiatives through the use of structural funds in Greece and in new Member States, like Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

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