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Title Regional dimension of the Operational Programme for Employment for the Programming period 2007-2013
Client Hellenic Ministry of Employment & Social Protection
Duration 12/2006 - 11/2007
Place Greece
Partners LOGOTECH (Gr - Leader)

The project objective is to specialise at Regional Level the Priorities and Measures of the Sectoral Operational Programme for Employment for the Programming period 2007-2013.

The project comprises the following activities:

Determination of current situation concerning human resources and labour market in Objective I and II regions, comprising the recording of basic socio-economic characteristics, employment data, vulnerable groups, restructuring and de-industrialisation, special features of local labour markets.

Compilation of data (Objective, Budget, Indictors) for projects funded by the European Social Fund during the Third Programming Period 2000 - 2006.

Field research and public consultation with project stakeholders (General Secretariats of Regions, other Public Sector Organisations involved in HRD) for the determination of Regional Needs.

Preparation of Actions to be included in the Sectoral Operational Programme for Employment for the Programming period 2007-2013.

Support to the Hellenic Ministry of Employment & Social Protection in the negotiations with the EU for the finalisation of the OP.


Services Provided

Design and Regional Specialisation of the OP for Employment

Policy advice

Recommendations on Institutional Capacity Building

Support in negotiations with the EU

Title Strategic Evaluation on Innovation and Knowledge based economy in relation to the Structural and Cohesion Funds for the programming period 2007-2013
Client European Commission - DG Regional Policy (C2 Evaluation Unit)
Duration 09/2005 - 09/2006
Place EU 25 - Bulgaria - Romania
Partners Technopolis Group Belgium (Be - Leader) ISMERI (It), LOGOTECH (Gr), Lacave - Allemand & Associes Consultants (Fr), MERIT (NL)

The project concerned the Strategic Evaluation on Innovation and Knowledge Society in EU 25 plus Bulgaria and Romania, with objective to provide conclusions and recommendations assisting the European Commission in negotiating the future Structural Funds programmes.

The Strategic evaluation addressed four specific objectives:

Provide an analysis of the current situation in the field of Innovation and the Knowledge-based Economy in the 25 Member States plus Romania and Bulgaria.

Draw lessons from the current experience in the terms of ideas and strategic approaches to innovation.

Identify main needs and potential for innovation in the eligible regions.

Make recommendations on main investment priorities for Structural Funds over the programming period 2007-2013 and their implications for regional development.

LOGOTECH undertook the coordination and follow up of the production of the following country reports: Romania, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria and Cyprus.


Services Provided

Ex-ante evaluation of structural funds contribution to research and development

Policy advice

Recommendations on Institutional Capacity Building, including Public Administration Managerial Capacity

Development of Evaluation Methodology, including determination of focus groups, key interviewers, evaluation indicators, structure and presentation of synthetic documents

Preparation of Country Report Template

Moderation of workshops with key stakeholders

Production of Evaluation Reports for Romania, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria and Cyprus

Title Competitiveness Report 2005
Client European Commission - DG Enterprise
Duration 01/2005 - 06/2005
Place EU 25
Partners WIFO (A - Leader), LOGOTECH (Gr), CEPS (Be), CPB (Nl), ETLA (Fi), NIESR (UK), University of Leoben (A), WIIW (A), ZEW (De), Global Insight (It)

LOGOTECH, as part of an International Consortium, participated in the elaboration of the background report for the Competitiveness Report of DG Enterprise. Reports are available at http://europa.eu.int/comm/enterprise/enterprise_policy/competitiveness/. The reports offer analytical support for the implementation of the Lisbon strategy.

Reports covered various topics, e.g., regional aspects of competitiveness, EU enlargement and competitiveness in manufacturing, ICT-linked firm reorganisation and productivity gains, growth, productivity and employment, industrial policy, productivity and the public sector, European productivity, innovation and public sector R&D, performance in the health sector, the European automotive industry, the challenge to the EU of a rising Chinese economy or Lisbon strategy.

LOGOTECH undertook the elaboration of the Report entitled "Developing an Innovation Policy"


Services Provided

Scientific analysis of competitiveness issues in a number of topics

Provision of various studies focussing on competitiveness issues

Title Innovation Policy Issues in seven applicant countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Turkey within the framework of the European Programme "Innovation and SMEs' Programme
Client European Commission - DG Enterprise
Duration 10/2001 - 09/2002
Place Romania - Bulgaria - Slovakia - Latvia - Lithuania - Malta - Turkey
Partners ADE (Be - Leader), LOGOTECH (Gr), UCL (Be)

The project aimed at examining and analysing the current framework conditions for selected innovation issues in seven candidate countries (Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey). The project team, comprised of international experts and national experts from the seven countries, reviewed and analysed a series of issues including the policy framework for innovation policy, data sources and indicators, start ups and interactions in the national innovation systems (business-university, inter-firm Cooperation, etc.). The final report was published: Innovation policy issues in seven Candidate Countries: the challenges (Volumes I & II), Innovation Papers n34, European Commission.

LOGOTECH implemented the entire study for Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey


Services Provided

The study examined and analysed in the seven countries the current framework conditions for the following selected innovation issues:

The Innovation Policy Framework (major actors, policy developments, etc.)

Specific measures to foster innovation in business (innovation and enterprise culture, secondment of researchers, etc.)

Business interfaces (university-industry co-operation, etc.) with special interest to SMEs

Recommendations for developing concrete project / programme ideas

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