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Regional Development
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Title Strategic plan for the competitiveness, innovation and knowledge society in the region of Attica for the programmememing period 2007-2013
Client Region of Attica
Duration 09/2006 - 04/2007
Place Greece
Partners LOGOTECH (Gr - Leader)

The project objective was to develop a Strategic Plan for the development of Innovation and Knowledge Society for the Region of Attica.

The project was conducted along the following activities:

1. Identification of opportunities and challenges for the Region of Attica, in the framework of political and economic developments. Important inputs for the trends observed at National and European level have been provided by documents, such as the series of Competitiveness Reports of DG Enterprise, the TrendChart Innovation Policy in Europe, as well as conclusions of studies for the future of industrial and technological specialisation in Europe, issued by DG Research.

2. Determination of Strengths and Weaknesses resulting from the impact of Innovation Actions implemented in Attica in the last years, in the framework of RIS, RIS+ and associated actions.

3. Development of Strategic Actions and Fields of Intervention, to be included in the Regional Operational programmememe of Attica for the programmememing Period 2007 - 2013, including identification of synergies and of areas requiring coordination actions at the different political and sectoral levels.

4. Analysis of fields of intervention, including presentation of objective, short description, project - owners, beneficiaries, expected results, as well as funding projections.


Services Provided

Development and Specialisation of Innovation and R&D Strategies, in the framework of Greek Structural funds for the programmememing Period 2007-2013

Project identification and maturing in the framework of Regional OPs

Specialising Structural Funds design to include Innovation and R&D

Title IMplementing Innovation Strategies - IMIS
Client European Commission - DG Enterprise
Duration 06/2005 - 06/2007
Place Czech Republic - Estonia - Hungary - Poland - Romania - Slovakia
Partners LOGOTECH (Gr - Leader), Advansis OY (Fi), CICOM (Fr), Icon-Innovation GMBH (De).

The objective of IMIS is to support central/regional structures to efficiently implement in the framework of National and Regional Structural Funds, relevant regional innovation actions and schemes, according to RIS strategies and priorities developed by the regions.

The project team provides hands-on advice and specialised technical assistance to central/regional structures, in the design of selected regional innovation measures under RIS action plans, as well as in all aspects of the project management cycle, including project maturing, tendering and contracting issues.

Consulting services are supported by awareness raising campaigns, visiting schemes organisation and events on regional entrepreneurship promotion.


Services Provided

Capacity / Institutional building in regional structures involved in design and management of programmememes and projects under EU Structural Funds

Project identification and maturing in the framework of Regional OPs

Specialising Structural Funds design to include Innovation and R&D

Training schemes for managers

Enhancing efficiency of existing innovation support infrastructures, such as Science & Technology Parks, Incubators, Competence centres

Networking and bridging between Academic & Business Community (Technology Transfer mechanisms)

Clustering activities (cluster management, supply chains)

Title Action Specialisation Study for the Development of an Innovation Zone in Eastern Thessaloniki
Client Hellenic Ministry of Development - Special Secretariat of Operational programmeme "Competitiveness"
Duration 04/2005 - 07/2005
Place Greece
Partners LOGOTECH (Gr - Leader)

The aim of the study was to formulate a detailed and thorough specialised proposal for the development of an Innovation Zone in Eastern Thessaloniki. The proposal was composed of an integrated set of actions to be included in the Operational programmememe "Competitiveness", which:

Contribute directly to the increase of the innovation capacity of the region, by encouraging existing innovative entities to exploit their potential excellence and growth capabilities

Create the necessary bonding conditions and co-operations for the gradual but continuous innovative growth of the whole region

The methodological approach included the thorough analysis of various documents, actions and initiatives that concerned the exploitation of the area with emphasis in innovation aspects, studies of the European Commission, as well as the proposals and initiatives of organisations that are active in the area of the zone.

The work was organised along the following axes:

Feasibility study, on the basis of a socio-economic analysis of the region and lessons learned from other similar initiatives in the EU

Preparation of proposals for organisation and management of the Innovation Zone

Preparation of Action Plans

Determination of public funding possibilities

The Action Specialisation Study was drawn on the basis of a number of main directive actions, or "Mega-Projects". Each "Mega-Project" was further broken down into targeted sets of measures and actions, in a way to assist in the designing and targeting of the projects.

In this way, the overall proposal provided the means to define priorities, by measuring factors such as project maturity level and managerial complexity, as well as by providing quantitative estimations of the relevant outputs, effects and impacts towards their contribution in the increase of the innovation capacity, through relevant indicators.


Services Provided

Feasibility study, based on the socio-economic environment of the region and conclusions drawn from visits to two innovation zones in the EU.

Organisational and Management Scheme of the Innovation Zone

Determination of Developed Phases and associated Action Plans

Development of proposals for funding in the framework of Community Structural Funds III (2000 - 2006) and IV (2007 - 2013)

Title Regional Innovation Poles Development Study, within the framework of OP "Competitiveness"
Client Hellenic Ministry of Development
Duration 09/2003 - 01/2004
Place Greece
Partners LOGOTECH (Gr - Leader)

The project objective was to explore the potential, possibilities and framework for the creation of Regional Innovation Poles in Greece, in selected regions to be proposed either by the Ministry of Development or the project per se. The project objective was to provide an institutional framework for the development of Innovation Poles in Greece, through the OP "Competitiveness".

The methodological approach for the creation of Regional Innovation Poles recognised innovation clusters and co-operation networks as basic tools for SMEs development and entrepreneurship improvement, as both tools enhance Regional Development, through activation, spreading and expansion of locally produced knowledge. The cluster analysis, used in this context, offers many advantages in the assessment of the innovative procedure, as well as the policy formulation on innovation issues; the clusters are considered as the main component in the regional innovation systems.

The cluster analysis was implemented in different levels: a) in the company level, for which the competitiveness of the suppliers network around the company is assessed, b) in a medium level, involving a SWOT or benchmarking analysis, in order to analyse the networking among the various sectors in the production chain, and c) in a macro level where the analysis is focused on the networking in a sector and among various sectors, having as a goal the identification of specialised prototypes of a region as a whole.

The project comprised the following activities:

1. Establishing correlations between innovation and entrepreneurship in the framework of Technological and Social Changes: Through relevant national and international literature surveys, the basic characteristics for the formation of innovation clusters were established, and issues such as productivity, access to information, complementarity, and access to public and semi-public resources, innovation, and evolution were discussed, together with the role of the governmental policy and the institutional requirements.

2. Identification and presentation of successful international models of innovation poles: From the analysis of the international experience, specific examples of innovation development poles were presented, based on the various international models of knowledge-based regions, the Technopolis and Metropolis concepts, science districts, as well as industrial districts. Conclusions were drawn on the basic success factors for each model, as well as on the basic pre-requisites for the creation of Regional Innovation Poles in Greece

3. Field Research for the Potential of the Greek regions as innovation poles: The field research was articulated around the following areas for each region: Main Activities and Characteristics, Economic Development Potential, Research Investment, HR Skills and Capabilities, Mobilisation of High Risk Capital, Infrastructure, Private Sector Potential, Role of Public Sector Institutions. Networking Capabilities. The field research was conducted in the regions of Crete, Thessaly, Central Macedonia, Thrace and Epirus through interviews with representatives of Academic Institutions, Technology Parks, Research Institutions, Chambers of Commerce, Regional Authorities, Private Sector and Financial Organisations.

4. Presentation of Field Research Results and Formulation of Scenarios: Results of the field research enabled to determine Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threads for each region to be a site for an Innovation Pole. For each region the potential of cluster development/enhancement of existing clusters has been presented, through high level design. On the basis of previous findings, 4 scenarios have been developed, proposing different institutional frameworks for the development of innovation poles in Greece, corresponding actions, eligible costs, distribution of the subsidy, as well as an analysis of advantages and disadvantages of each scenario.

Services Provided

Innovation policy design at regional level

Specialising Structural Funds design to include Innovation and R&D

Project identification and maturing in the framework of Regional OPs

Development of innovation infrastructure, including Incubation Centres

Title Business Plan for the establishment of an Innovation Centre in Black-Sea Countries
Client International Centre for Black Sea Studies
Duration 02/2002 - 09/2002
Place Albania, Armenia, Azerbaitzan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldavia, Romania, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkey
Partners Planet Ernst & Young (Gr - Leader), LOGOTECH (Gr)

The International Centre for Black Sea Studies is part of the Black Sea Economic co-operation. The purpose of the project was to develop the Business Plan for an Innovation - Incubation Centre in the region covering the country members, with aim to enhance commercialisation of research results and to support creation of spin-off companies.

Based on an extensive analysis of international trends and practices in the field of Incubation Centres, as well as detailed field work and interactions with local stakeholders, to determine the particular conditions of each country, regarding R&D conditions and entrepreneurship potential, the Business Plan presented:

The vision, mission, policy and strategic objectives of the Centre

The legal framework of its operations

Detailed financial and marketing plans

The organisational principles and structure of the centre and its procedures

Financial analysis and planning, including required investments, operating costs and cash flow

Detailed implementation plans to ensure smooth launch and operation

Services Provided

Assistance in the establishment, development and management of Innovation - Incubation centres

Business Plan for the development of an Innovation - Incubation Centre in the Black Sea region

Analysis of the Innovation and R&D environment in the region

Determination of entrepreneurship and R&D commercialisation potential

Organisational Structure and Operational Plans of an Innovation - Incubation Centre

Financial Planning

Identification of investors

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