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Innovation, Technology & Science Policy
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Title Selection of Thematic Priorities for R&D for the Programming Period 2007-2013
Client Hellenic Ministry of Development - General Secretariat for Research & Technology
Duration 10/2006 - 03/2007
Place Greece
Partners LOGOTECH (Gr - Leader)

The study investigated the strengths and specialisation of the Greek economy and R&D system and identified the most relevant thematic priorities for R&D that could contribute in the improvement of the competitiveness of the Greek economy, the quality of life and prosperity.

The selected priorities are to be financed by the National Strategic Development Programme co-funded by Structural Funds during the programming period 2007-2013.


Services Provided

Development and Specialisation of Innovation and R&D Strategies, in the framework of Greek Structural funds for the Programming Period 2007-2013

Title The ERAWATCH Network
Client European Commission, DG JRC - IPTS
Duration 02/2005-02/2009
Place EU 25
Partners Technopolis Group Belgium (Be - Leader), LOGOTECH (Gr), Joanneum Research (A), Technical Research Centre of Finland (Fi), Observatoire des Sciences et des Techniques (Fr), Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation ISI FhG (De), Institute of Economics - Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hu), Kaunas University of Technology (La), Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (Nl), TNO Strategy - Technology and Policy (Nl) , NIFU-STEP (No), Fundacion para el Conocimiento Madrid - PREST(Es), Victoria University of Manchester (UK), School of Slavonic & Eastern European Studies - SSEES - Science Policy Research Unit (University of Sussex) - Wise Guys Ltd (UK)

ERAWATCH has been conceived to support policy making in the research field in Europe. Its objective is to provide knowledge and a better understanding of national and regional research systems and of the environment, in which they operate.

ERAWATCH collects data on national and regional research profiles, organisations, programmes and documents. It organises and structures the information within its Research Inventory service and it develops further analysis and reporting activities on policies, trends and the factors influencing them within its Intelligence service.

ERAWATCH contributes to the realisation of the European Research Area (ERA). The ERA aims to create a more coherent science and technology environment across the European Union through improved coordination of existing and future Member States' national scientific and technology capacities.

ERAWATCH is targeted to all those involved in research policy-making in Europe.

ERAWATCH® is a registered Trade mark. Reproduction of content is authorised provided the source is acknowledged - European Communities, 2006.


Services Provided

LOGOTECH, along with 4 other partners is shareholder of the company that was established in Brussels for the purpose of the project's implementation. LOGOTECH is also responsible for the project's communication strategy as well as the diffusion of its activities and results throughout Europe.

Title The Europe INNOVA Communication
Client European Commission - DG Enterprise
Duration 12/2005 - 12/2008
Place EU 25
Partners LOGOTECH (Leader), European Dynamics SA (Gr), Icon - Innovation (De), Advansis Oy (Fi), Saatchi & Saatchi B. C. (Be)

Europe INNOVA Communications, a horizontal project of Europe INNOVA promotes and distributes the outcomes of the Europe INNOVA Networks and facilitates networking among the various partners involved in the programme. Europe INNOVA Communications interacts on a permanent basis with all Europe INNOVA Networks and has developed a "one stop shop" in order to:

a. Follow closely the work of the Europe INNOVA Networks, collect and synthesize the information, identify and promote synergies, encourage co-operation and maximize the benefit of the results obtained. In addition, to identify similar sectoral innovation actions at European, national and regional level and to establish effective ways of cooperating with them

b. Facilitate the promotion of the results of the Networks by using a wide range of Communication and Dissemination tools such as, a Europe INNOVA Collaboration Extranet, a Europe INNOVA Portal, Newsletters, Branding, Promotional & Marketing Material, events such as, planning meetings, thematic workshops, European Innovation conferences and a Europe INNOVA Forum. Europe INNOVA acts as the focal point for innovation networking in Europe and aspires to inform, assist, mobilise and network the key stakeholders in the field of entrepreneurial innovation, including cluster managers, cluster organisations, firm managers, policy makers and investors.

Europe INNOVA adopts a sector-based approach, which activates co-operation between business clusters in Europe through the establishment of networks between clusters that operate in the same or different domains. Through such co-operation it is envisaged that existing clusters will adopt "outward looking" approaches by establishing learning platforms for exchanging experiences, information, good practice and knowledge.

Europe INNOVA brings together more than 300 partners from 23 Member States, and is composed of 11 European Clusters networks in 7 sectors, Cluster Mapping studies, Sectoral Innovation Watch (analysis of innovation performance in 10 sectors), 10 innovation financing networks, 8 innovation panels composed of independent experts and a pilot action on better innovation management.

Services Provided

Development and Management, including on-going content updating and user support (help desk) of the Europe INNOVA Portal (www.europe-innova.org)

Development and Management of Extranet Collaboration Platforms

Collection and Processing of Information on good practices, including fine tuning of monitoring indicators, comparative and benchmarking analysis of innovation processes and recommendations and identification of policy priorities

Publication and Dissemination of Information

Initiation and support to cross-networking activities within Networks and associated partners

Development of tools to market the Europe INNOVA Activities: common logo & graphic style, Europe INNOVA newsletter portable stand, promotional posters & leaflets

Organisation of Thematic Workshops:
  a. 2 have been organised for the Space Cluster Networks leading to the signing of an MoU among 30 European Regional and Cluster Organisations for the creation of an informal European Platform to support the creation of a market strategy in the field of space and Galileo-derived applications
  b. 1 will be organised for the Automotive Cluster Networks for the signing of an MoU with three other European automotive networks from outside Europe INNOVA. This will bring together 45 automotive regions in a "European Automotive Strategy Network" to improve the competitiveness, to make supply chains more effective and to demonstrate how regional authorities can contribute to the automotive industry

Bi-Annual European Innovation Conferences - the first Europe INNOVA Conference titled "Re-innovating Europe: Challenges for clusters and innovative businesses" was held in Valencia on 26-28 November 2006 and had more than 800 participants

Development of the Europe INNOVA Cluster Awards. The Europe INNOVA Cluster Award 2006 was awarded in two categories to honour key actors responsible for successful clusters, the "clusterpreneur" as well as the cluster manager.

Title Bench learning in cluster management for the automotive sector in European regions - BeLCAR
Client European Commission - DG Enterprise
Duration 03/2005 - 09/2008
Place EU 25
Partners Wirtschaftsforderung (Leader - De), LOGOTECH (Gr), Regions: East of England (UK), Upper Austria (A), Lombardy (It), Province of Barcelona (Es), West-Transdanubia (Hu)

The BeLCAR Co-ordinating Action runs a European platform improving product, process and organisational innovation in and across regional automotive clusters.

The BeLCAR co-operation platform is designed and established starting from the analysis of six European automotive clusters. The consortium consists of 6 Regional Partners, a University Partner and a Consulting Company. Companies and stakeholders are involved through regional advisory boards and round tables. Cluster theory experts and academics participate for specific activities contributing to the 7 workpackages of the project.

The project develops joint innovation strategies and exchange knowledge and best practice between the regions. Other European automotive clusters are associated to BeLCAR through the organisation of visiting schemes. New innovation projects are stimulated facing recent developments in the automotive sector regarding power train and full service solutions.

The overarching goal of the BeLCAR project is to improve the performance and innovativeness of automotive clusters in Europe by strengthening regional innovation systems and optimising resources for supporting activities and structures. The objective is to establish a European platform to improve product, process and organisational innovation in and across regional automotive clusters. BeLCAR results are used for implementing more advanced structures and tools for cluster management, which themselves are benchmarked against the current situation.


Services Provided

1. Analysis of existing automotive clusters and networking activities:
Mobilisation of existing automotive clusters in Europe to collaborate and exploit synergies

Fostering exchange of knowledge and good practices between automotive clusters and beyond, with special emphasis on Innovation paths and diffusion, as well as Inter-regional networking

Better understanding of the success factors and weaknesses of clustering in the automotive sector

Launch of joint projects and business strategies among automotive clusters in Europe

2. Synthesis and Dissemination activities Based on the analyses, a set of (transferable) instruments and tools for cluster development and management is developed, in order to be implemented by the partners of the consortium and transferred to other European regions

Elaboration of policy recommendations

Dissemination and exploitation of the results by other European regions, in particular in the new Member States

3. Monitoring and evaluation on the basis of a detailed logical framework-matrix, including indicators measuring success regarding activities, results and objectives of BeLCAR.

Title Sectoral Innovation Systems in Europe Monitoring, Analysing Trends and Identifying Challenges - SYSTEMATIC
Client European Commission - DG Enterprise and Industry
Duration 11/2005 - 05/2008
Place EU 25
Partners WIFO (A - Leader), ZEW (De), LOGOTECH (Gr) MERIT (Nl), NIFU-STEP (No), LABEIN (Pt), SPRU (UK)

Sectoral Innovation Watch is a multi-task, multi-purpose project, aiming at identifying the sectoral innovation patterns in specific European sectors, highlighting the main policy implications and schemes that should be promoted. The main objective of the project is to give detailed insight on sectoral innovation performance, which sets the stage for policy development at the regional, national and European level.

The project analyses the factors and institutions impacting on innovation performance, by examining the framework conditions across 9 selected sectors and 2 horizontal topics: Biotechnology, Food/Drink, Machinery/Equipment, Textile, Chemicals, ICT/Electrical/Optical, Space and Aeronautics, Automotive, Eco-innovation, Gazelles (fast growing SMEs).

The comprehensive understanding of sectoral innovation performance and challenges across the EU 25 enables to develop new indicators and innovation models at sectoral level, to determine policy implications and to formulate well-tailored policy recommendations to be included in the design of European Structural Funds.

Services Provided

Sectoral assessment and policy making

Determination of international best practices on innovative performance

Identification of the most innovation-related national and regional policies for sectors

Development of indicators measuring innovation performance at sectoral level

Identification of sectoral innovation systems and development of models, which influence firm/sectoral innovation performance and economic development of each sector

Awareness activities through seminars, conferences and workshops

Title Development and testing of better services in support of innovation management - IMP≥rove
Client European Commission - DG Enterprise and Industry
Duration 11/2005 - 09/2007
Place Greece, Hungary, Romania, Turkey
Partners AT Kearney (De - Leader), Advansis (Fi), LOGOTECH (Gr), APRE (It), Fraunhofer IAO (De), IAGO (UK), I.CON (De), Saatchi & Saatchi B. C. (Be) Technofi (Fr), Zabala (Es)

IMP≥rove aims at developing the best practices in innovation management that will enable European SMEs - young, innovative enterprises as well as established SMEs - to improve their competitiveness in global markets.

The project includes a comprehensive testing programme with over 1500 SMEs using an online self-assessment tool developed by the project, to check their existing innovation performance. The results of the self assessment will feed into a Europe-wide database on the innovation management capabilities of SMEs across the EU.

The industry sectors covered during the testing programme include: Biotechnology (+pharma, chemical), ICT/Electrical/Optical, Machinery/Equipment (plant construction), Space and Aeronautics, Automotive, Knowledge intensive services, Textile and Food/Drink.

The specific objectives of IMP≥rove are:

To identify, analyse and benchmark existing innovation management approaches that are used to consult companies in the decision making process towards innovation.

To develop, validate and disseminate a European self-assessment tool that allows enterprises to benchmark their capability to manage the innovation process against other European enterprises.

To prepare a toolkit in support of innovation management that shall be used by innovation facilitators at regional and national level, as well as to enhance the capabilities of enterprises in Europe to manage innovation processes.

To lay the foundations for a European innovation management certification system that builds on the newly defined self-assessment tool and the experience gathered from this project.


Services Provided

LOGOTECH is in charge of the following services:

Identification and evaluation of the existing methodologies and activities, offering consulting services to the Greek, Turkish, Romanian and Hungarian markets

Evaluation of the detailed measures of the evaluation and development of the prototype

Practical testing of methodologies for Innovation Consultancy and Self - Assessment Tools

Title Platform Foresight "Perspective of National and Regional Research and Innovation Systems in an enlarged EU 2015"
Client European Commission - DG Research
Duration 8/2004-11/2005
Place EU 25
Partners LOGOTECH (Leader - Gr), CERES (Gr), University of Cardiff (UK), University of Lund (Se)

The project involved the "building" of different scenarios and proposals for the industrial, technological and scientific specialisation of European innovation systems in a 2015 horizon. The project included all EU member states, the EU accession countries Bulgaria and Romania and the EU associated countries Iceland, Israel, Norway, Lichtenstein and Switzerland.

The project was organised in the following two phases:

Development of scenarios for science, technology and sectoral specialisation in the EU. These scenarios took into account the potential world changes (U.S., Japan, emerging economies, development countries) and the relative evolutions in the EU, i.e. the Lisbon Strategy.

Identification of priorities for the scientific and technological policy, for each scenario, on which the systematic co-operation of local, regional, national and European actors should be based, for the common establishment of future research and technology systems.

Services Provided

Analysis and mapping of the European industrial, technological and scientific specialisation of Europe. Identification of mega-regions and identification of systemic links between countries.

Development of scenarios based on an Expert Panel and a Scenario workshop.

Organisation of two Perspective Workshops for the validation of mapping and discussion of the proposed future trends.

Title PAXIS European Network Communication & Management Consultant - Pilot Action of Excellence for Innovative Start - Ups within the framework of Innovation and SMEs Programme
Client European Commission - DG Enterprise
Duration 04/2002 - 04/2006
Place EU 25
Partners Saatchi & Saatchi B. C. (Leader- Be), LOGOTECH (Gr)

PAXIS (Pilot Action of Excellence for Innovative Start- Ups) was a pilot initiative under the EC Programme "Innovation and SMEs" that promoted the setting-up and development of innovative companies across Europe. PAXIS comprised three frameworks: Thematic Networks, Projects and Accompanying Measures. The Thematic Networks consisted of groups from the 22 European metropolitan areas and regions, which have an outstanding track record in supporting the creation and growth of innovative start-ups.

LOGOTECH participated as Accompanying Measure 1 responsible for the effective diffusion of knowledge among the 5 Thematic Networks of PAXIS and for the validation of the 6 Projects funded under this pilot action, assuming also responsibilities for content management of the Programme.

Activities under this project included:

PAXIS PROMOTION including a range of communication material that would support the PAXIS partners in better promoting the initiative, as well as drafting and disseminating policy results that would place PAXIS in the centre of the European innovation framework and link it with other initiatives in the field.

NETWORKING THROUGH KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT providing support with methodologies developed on knowledge management: Goal Oriented Project Planning (GOPP) sessions on overall PAXIS coordination, Cluster and Platform development, Thematic Networks, Cross-thematic areas, etc.

VISITING - COUNSELLING SCHEMES bringing together key players of innovation, including representatives from national and local authorities involved in the management of ESF, R&D institutions and investors in events, workshops and seminars, organised by the project.

INTERACTIVE WEBSITE: The website was developed as a knowledge management tool for the illustration of all information related to PAXIS and for the dissemination of the knowledge and skills gained through out its duration. The website also acted as the main communication tool among the PAXIS members and for the interaction with European innovation stakeholders.

ORGANISATION OF THE 4TH EUROPEAN FORUM FOR INNOVATIVE ENTERPRISES: took place in Stuttgart, December 2004 with 500 participants and more than 50 contributors. LOGOTECH was responsible for the identification and development of the content of the 2,5 days conference in terms of overall scope (based on at that time "hot" European priorities), plenary and parallel sessions, speakers, contributions etc. The Forum was part of the major European Innovation Conferences started in 1998 and are being organised every two years by DG Enterprise.

ORGANISATION OF WORKSHOPS with objective to present the activities of the 5 Thematic Networks and results of the Validation Projects. Two workshops were organised with more than 360 participants, which served as platforms for networking and interaction among PAXIS partners and set the basis for collaborations and utilisation of the PAXIS experience in the future European innovation scenery.

NEWSLETTER "Excellent News" (10 issues published) was a tool for the regular dissemination of information towards PAXIS members, but also to local, regional and national innovation actors. In addition, "Excellent News" was established as an important awareness raising tool for audiences outside PAXIS.

Through the visiting schemes, the events and the cross networking activities LOGOTECH organised and enhanced the exchange of knowledge (models, best practices, financing schemes and management practices) between the regions and the relevant clusters. Among others, the following best practices (developed by PAXIS members from the 22 areas) have been identified and promoted:

a) The "BIOM TOOL" for Munich biotech cluster (a model, which offers financing and coaching to start-ups, networking & platform for regional actors)

b) The "REGIONAL COMPETENCE CENTRES" model developed in Stuttgart: Overall objective of the programme was the support of cluster development and creation with a strong focus on innovation. In Stuttgart this resulted in the improved co-operation between companies and academics; enhanced awareness of innovation needs; improved involvement of public actors in cluster development; 40 million euro private investment triggered by 2 million euro public funding; establishment of new hubs for innovation in several municipalities all over the region.

c) The "INNOVATION CENTRES" operated by Oxford Innovation, which has set up and currently manages a network of 12 innovation centres providing a wide range of services to over 300 innovative start-up companies with the potential for growth.

d) The "ENTERPRISE HUB MODEL" developed in Cambridge and used as a tool for providing comprehensive support to innovative businesses with high growth potential, building on areas, and spreading the benefits of areas of the region with specific strengths in knowledge-based enterprises and high growth clusters.

LOGOTECH also coordinated the preparation of the PAXIS manual. The PAXIS Manual was designed to include all the successful transfer processes that occurred during the last five years, as well as a short presentation of the main actors of the pilot action and their achievements. The PAXIS Manual acts not only as promotional material for the work accomplished, but is also a solid example of knowledge exchange for innovation practitioners across Europe, promoting trans-regional and trans-national co-operation among public and private innovation stakeholders.

Services Provided

Identification of good practice at European level coming from the implementation of innovation policies

Identification and development of support measures for clusters that host new innovative enterprises

Identification of good practice for the financing of innovative start-ups

Development of an "Innovation Policy Interface"

Organisation of counselling schemes, for national and regional authorities with focus on integration of innovation policies in Structural Funds

Networking through knowledge management

Creation of platforms for transnational exchange of experience

Organisation of awareness raising events

Publication of a newsletter

Title Technology Foresight in Greece
Client Hellenic Ministry of Development - General Secretariat for Research and Technology
Duration 11/2001 - 03/2005
Place Greece
Partners National Technical University of Athens (Gr - Leader), LOGOTECH (Gr), Athens University of Economics and Business (Gr), National School of Public Health (Gr), K-Net SA (Gr)

The "Technology Foresight" Programme, was funded in the framework of Operational Programme "Competitiveness" of the 3rd Community Support Framework in Greece.

Its objective was to formulate development scenarios for the Greek Society of Knowledge, focusing on how Science, Research and Technology would enhance the Greek Economy, with special interest in promoting SME competitiveness.

The programme's thematic territories included Agricultural Development and Fishery, Industrial Production and Manufacturing, Materials, E-Government, Energy, ICT, E- Business, Biotechnology, Transportation, Environment, Health and Life Quality, Tourism and Culture and Defence Industry.

The respective thematic working teams were staffed by 180 Greek Scientists, Researchers, Academics, Technicians, Business Managers, Private Sector Representatives, Public Sector and Non Governmental Representatives, Chamber Representatives and other specialists associated with the various fields.


Services Provided

Needs assessment at national and regional level, with strong focus on Innovation issues for SMEs

Definition of Development priorities at national and regional level for all regions of Greece

Development of Strategy and Policy Drafts

Programme/Project identification, maturing and appraisal, in co-operation with national/regional authorities involved in SF as well as with potential stakeholders - recipients.

Strategy and implementation of Communication Activities

Dissemination of results to stakeholders at national and regional level

Title Project File Analysis & Technology Implementation Plan Seminars
Client European Commission
Duration 2001 - 2004
Place EU 25
Partners AIERD (Fr - Leader), LOGOTECH (Gr), CIMATEC (It), IAL Consultants (UK).

The project aimed to provide consulting support for the commercial exploitation of research results obtained by large-scale research projects of the GROWTH program.


Services Provided

Analysis of 150 approved projects during their initial phase for the potential of commercially exploitable results, as well as the possible parameters that could be an obstacle to the future exploitation of these results.

80 seminars in projects that have successfully entered the intermediate stage of implementation, focusing on methodologies of project management and problem solving.

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