Logotech participates in LogoVentures – a new firm that manages the new green venture fund TANEO RES FUND


On 30 December 2008, a new venture fund entitled ‘TANEO FG RES FUND’ was established focusing on the field of renewable sources of energy as well as of eco-innovation in Greece. The fund starts with an active capital of EUR 24 million coming for EUR 12 million from TANEO (a fund of funds established in 2003 on the initiative of the Ministry of Economy and Finance) and the rest coming from the two shareholders families Fidakis and Restis, each contributing with EUR 6 million.


This fund will be managed by LogoVentures, a new firm established by the families Feidakis and Restis (40 % each), and Logotech S.A. (20 %). The board of LogoVentures constitutes of Mr. G. Feidakis (president), Mr. K. Koutsoubeli (vice-president), Mr. I. Pandousis (managing director) and members of the board Mr. E. Korobesis and Mr. G. Strogylopoulos (Chair of Logotech S.A.).


Logotech S.A. has already started to support the future investments of the fund by studying the existing deal flow on energy and eco-innovation opportunities in Greece.


For more information please contact:

Mr. G. Strogylopoulos

Email: strogylopoulos@logotech.gr


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