LOGOTECH opens Europe INNOVA phase 2


The first phase of Europe INNOVA came to a successful conclusion with the organisation of the second Europe INNOVA Conference in October 2008 under the auspices of the French Presidency together with the European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry. The event attracted more than 550 innovation stakeholders and high-level decision makers from 30 countries to Lyon.

During this first phase, Logotech S.A. was the leader of Europe INNOVA Communications, which as the horizontal project of Europe INNOVA for the promotion of the outcomes of the networks and the facilitation of networking among the various partners involved, was the heart of the initiative and one of the cornerstones for its huge success.

During the second phase of Europe INNOVA, Logotech S.A., surrounded by new well honoured friends and partners will continue its work under the new Europe INNOVA Communications project (of around 3 mil. ? for 3 years), which has been the first contract to be awarded in this new “era”.

The consortium led by Logotech (with participation of European Dynamics – GR, Technopolis – BE, Eurotop - BE, i.con.innovation - DE and Advansis - Fi) will once again continue to brand Europe INNOVA and spread its policy outcomes for the benefit of innovation in Europe.

For more information:

Mr. Agis Evrigenis

Email: evrigenis@logotech.gr


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